New year, NEW ME (kind of)

As a openly gay person, it is hard to find love and just a few weeks ago, I ASKED THE GIRL I LIKED OUT! That gives a new meaning to the saying, ‘New year, new me’. Honestly, this year I feel more happy (ish) than last year and I have did something actually quite good. I have cut fast food and soda out of my life since I do struggle with my health right now. (No, I am not on a diet. I am doing this since I have really bad blood sugar)

But I do carry a few of my really bad habits such as my stubbornness and my lazy, procrastination behaviors. But I promised myself that this year will be my best year!

(edit: my tablet got possessed and i dropped my phone into a toilet…whoops)


Author: the chemically imbalanced romantic

why are you reading this lol

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