I am the physical description of an uncured mental illness.


Hello, my name is Claude. I am a human being with a few issues of my own like all human beings do. I would call myself normal in a sense but in some way, special. I tend to look on the bright side of tings even in the darkest moments. I am only a human but I am gay, a lesbian to be exact. I am proud for who I am since…I’m me and I wouldn’t change anything about me.

What I have learnt from playing the ukulele

A month ago, I bought a soprano ukulele. Honestly, it is quite easy to play it but have learnt a few things from playing.

  1. You really do grow an extra layer of skin when you start playing. I have scars on my middle finger from playing so much.
  2. There are many types of ukuleles. There are baritones, concert ukuleles, and tenors. WHO KNEW THERE WAS SO MANY!?
  3. You learn quite alot in a few months. I learnt two songs in two months!

I encourage everyone to learn the ukulele! It is quite fun to learn.

Live Your Life

I live by one rule, live your best life without regrets. What I believe is that we are here to have fun and enjoy life. So if I am gonna die by 40, it’s okay! we all need to be happy by what we are doing, not forcing ourselves to be stressed by work or responsibilities. Yes, there needs to be boundaries but you cannot always force yourself to do work. Sometimes, you need to have fun!

How to write a (pretty bad) musical

Teaching Titans

As a try-hard song writer, I try my best to write songs. So far, it’s going alright but I enjoy writing songs for musicals since you can basically write about anything. Here are a few steps to learn how to write a basic musical.

  1. Have a relatable bi-furious protagonist. In most musicals such as Falsettos or Dear Evan Hansen, there are characters that seem interest in men but also have a liking to women as well. The character needs to also be retable, in a high school themed musical, make the character awkward or the school loser. This helps the audience relate to a character more.
  2. SHIPPING. Have a subtle gay romance between two characters like Dear Evan Hansen’s Connor and Evan or Hamilton’s John and Alexander. Usually, this brings lots of fangirls who are into boys/girls love into your fandom.
  3. THE TEAR-BREAKER SONG. Songs like Wishing You Were Somehow…

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I have matured earlier than expected. Not because of the internet or the people around me, it is because of a close friend’s death. On October 27, 2016 the death of a friend of mine died from overdosing on pills. That day changed my world, I believed that everything in my life was happy and amazing like in movies but those movies…are just movies. Real life is cruel and unfair, life isn’t given to you. Us humans have to learn to survive. This moment in my life not just showed me grief for the  first time but to open me up what the world really is. I know that they are in a better place but I still miss them yet, I am thankful for the learning experience I have learnt for the aftermath which matured me. Thank you Maria, you were the best musical obsessed emo I know.

My Mental Bruises

I don’t call my depression or my anxiety mental issues, I call them my mental bruises. You may wonder why? What I believe that depression or any mental issues are like bruises. Bruises hurt, they hurt so badly but slowly, they heal like any form of depression. I feel like bruises are my metaphor of saying that things do get better. Bruises heal but somethings bruises leave scars. Bruises can back but they heal and depression is not a stage that lasts forever, no matter what.